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Flexible Manufacturing System (Shivanand, Benal, Koti)
Handbook of Industrial Automation  (Richard L. Shell and Ernest L. Hall)
Manufacturing System ed 2 (Groover)
Industrial-Automation-Pocket-Guide (Srinivas Medida)
Material Handling Solutions: A look into Automated Robotics (Thomas Davich)
The Disassembly Line - Balancing and Modeling (Seamus McGovern, Gupta)
Creating Continous Flow (Mike Rother and Rick Harris)
5S Visual Workplace Handbook
Lean Production SImplified
Agile Kaizen
Creating a Lean Culture
Developing Lean Culture in the Process Industries (Floyd and Rayond C.)
Gemba Walks
Just In Time Implementation Manual : Volume 6 Forms and Charts
Just in Time Implementation Manual : Volume 4 Levelling, Changeover and QA
The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership (Jeffrey K. Liker and Gary L. Convis)
KANBAN successful Evolutionary Change 
Value Stream Mapping for the Process Industries (Peter King, Jeniffer King)
Gemba Kaizen : A continous improvement strategy (Masaki Imai)
Creating Level Pull (Art Smalley)
Lean Management Enterprise, The
Lean Management System Handbook, The
Lean Manager, The
Kaizen Event Planner, The
Value Stream Mapping - Mintab
Cellular Manufacturing (John X. Wang)
Improving Production with Lean Thinking (Santos, Wysk, Tores)
Visual Control : Applying Visual Management to the Factory (Ortiz, Park)
Lean Manufacturing That Works (Bill Carreira)
Lean Manufacturing at Volvo (Berg, Ohlsson)
Session 1, Session 2 (Kaizen 15 Hours Basic Course)
20 Keys to Workplace Improvement (Iwao Kobayashi)
Value Stream Mapping to Create Value and Eliminating Muda (Rother, Shook)
This is Lean : Resolving the Efficiency Paradox (Modig, Ahlstrom)